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Flail Mower vs Rotary Cutter - Which Is Suitable for Your Job?

Views: 351     Author: MATENG     Publish Time: 2017-07-06      Origin: Site

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Most people think that all lawn mowers are the same, but that's not the case. A variety of cutting attachments are available for skid steers, tractors, wheel loaders and excavators. Two attachments in particular, flail mower and rotary cutters, are particularly popular.

Flail mower vs rotary cutter:

To better understand the difference between flail mowers and rotary cutters, you must first understand how each machine works, and where are the differences. One difference is the size of the blades. Rotary cutters have larger blades but less precision than flail mowers. This is because flail mower are often used to remove overgrown or brush, whereas most rotary cutter blades are designed to cut lawns.

Both types of machines can cut shrubs or grass, but they are designed differently, which leads to differences in their cutting performance. Rotary cutters have horizontally rotating blades, while flail mowers have laterally oscillating blades. These two types of designs give each machine a different cutting strength, making it more suitable for certain types of jobs.

Rotary cutter  has blades that move in a circular motion, but the bladesof flail mower are Y or T-shaped and spin around the shaft. The blades on a flail mower work together to cut grass evenly and leave a complete look. This type of mower is usually PTO driven or hydraulically driven.

When you need to choose a machine between a flail and rotary cutter, one of the first things to consider is what type of project you will be working on. Both types of mowers can be used on brushes and grass with different results. Flail mowers are suitable for dense vegetation that may be overgrown. Rotary cutters are great for brushes, grass and trees. However, the blades of rotary cutters are dull and will not provide a clean cut in grass.

Most people would prefer to use a rotary cutter for a number of reasons, but I personally prefer a flail mower. If you're looking for a well-manicured cut or mulch, this is the type of lawn mower you want. They are great for high-volume maintenance work, especially when there is a large, level surface to work on.

You can also use them for other purposes, such as cutting brushes. They take longer to catch and cover the brush, so they are not suitable for pruning branches. Also, they can only be used on very young saplings to a limited extent. But some flail mowers, like Diamond's heavy-duty cantilever mowers, are specifically designed for brush cutting. They may not be as effective as rotary cutters, though.