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R.OS/MA Verge Shredder

Offset shredders for mulching grass, heavy vegation and bushes up to Ø 4-5cm,suited for tractor from 45-70hp tractor, overturn angle is -60° to +90°.The open rear cover design facilitates the maintenance of the axle shaft and the replacement of the blades.

Standard equipment: 3-point linkage, Cat. I or II, right hand version ,skids, hydraulic side shift , hydraulic cylinder for head positioning with floating link, cutting grass height adjustable from 2cm-4cm-6cm, self-cleaning leveling roller, PTO drive shaft, forged and hardened Mateng hammer blades.

Optional Items: Y blades , OS model provide the gearbox outside of the belt cover so that users can choose according to the actual working suitation.
  • R.OS/M165A,R.OS/M165-OSA,R.OS/M185A,R.OS/M185-OSA

  • 45-70HP

  • I or II

  • 165cm-185cm

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The Mateng R.OS/MA is for home and professional use and is extremely popular among organic farmers to tackle rushes, brambles and hedges. 

The Mateng R.OS/MA Verge Shredders comes with a hydraulic operated offset cutting head, Lightweight lateral shredder for embankments, ideal for working on grass and pruning.which can pivot at downwards 60° and upwards 90° to maintain accurate cutting in ditches, banks, and even for cutting down brushes and saplings. The accurate rotor rotation and forged flail hammers make for efficient and safe cutting, reduce thrown debris, and create a more mulch-like clipping than a brush cutter.

Offset shredders for mulching grass, heavy vegation  and bushes up to Ø 4-5cm,the offset is measured from the center of the tractor to the drive belt cover. The offset allows for mowing along fences, buildings, or under trees.suited for tractor from 45-70hp tractor, overturn angle is -60° to +90°.The open rear cover design facilitates the maintenance of the axle shaft and the replacement of the blades.

Features of R.OS/MA Verge Shredders:

For 45-70 HP tractors

* Gear box with cast iron free wheel

* External gearbox-classic option

* Adjustable rear roller with scraper

* Chains and rubber protection

* Adjustable tensioner

* Side skids

* Universal 3-pt. hitch cat.I and II

* Dual cylinder for moving the shredder

* CE safety guards

* Unique float capabilities allow the mower to follow the terrain, up 90° or down 60°, for an even cut on sloped surfaces.

* The reverse rotor rotation carries the cut material up and over the rotor, directing it downward to minimize thrown debris.

Sturdy and durable design for heavy usage.It cuts between trees easily making it ideal for work in orchards.

Product Specifications

Model A B C D E F G L H M
cm cm cm cm cm cm cm cm cm cm
R.OS/M165A 131 89 26 141 11 34 121 150 165 97
R.OS/M165-OSA 36 5 150
R.OS/M185A 161 11 34 141 185
R.OS/M185-OSA 36 5 170

Model P S T U 图标1 刀轴 图标2 齿轮箱
cm cm cm cm cm RPM A mm B mm V m/s HP
R.OS/M165A 84 181 232 175 160 2160 108X8 340 39 50
R.OS/M165-OSA 206 261
R.OS/M185A 201 252 180
R.OS/M185-OSA 226 281

Model Y刀片 锄头刀片 PTO 悬挂图标 皮带 重量图标 拖拉机图标
R.OS/M165A 40+20 20 540 I II 3 366 45-70
R.OS/M165-OSA 369
R.OS/M185A 44+22 22 392
R.OS/M185-OSA 395

Packaging & Shipping

Normally we use iron frame for the packing. This makes it easy to stack up and easy for transportation.

1. Iron Frame with Plastic Film

Iron Frame with Plastic Film

Standard Package for Free

2. Iron Frame with Shrink Film

Iron Frame with Shrink Film

Optional Package with Extra Charge
3. Plywood Package

Plywood Package

Optional Package with Extra Charge

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Q2: How long is the delivery date?

A: In general, we can ship the goods within 30-45days after receiving your payment.

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A: T/T, L/C.